by karma Mayet



Karma Mayet

Karma's gift as a channel of ancestral spirits has informed her life since childhood. Sharing messages from family ancestors and elemental beings for the last 25 years as a clear and accurate channel, she offers healing modalities grounded in Sacred Rootwork, including stone and water blessings and insight readings. As poet, composer, performer, and teacher, Karma brings the same reverence for the Mystery to each modality. She is a Founding Member, along with Ife Kilimanjaro, Nana Korantema Pierce Williams, and Nana Fofie Amina Bashir, of The Wind & The Warrior, a healing justice and cultural arts collaborative.


Sweet Water for Your Soul

The infinite intelligence that gives us Life is boundless in its generosity. Mercy is available to us all and by virtue of our humanity we are eligible! Offer yourself the refuge of reflection in a sacred context that embraces your full being, your linegaes, your present challenges, and your inner knowing. Facilitated meditation, as well as mystic insight readings, help to bring forth from within you what needs release, or acceptance, celebration, analysis, or transformation. Your alignment with Truth brings you into refreshed relationship with the universe and with your Joy!