by karma Mayet

Classes and Retreats

I’ve developed the Rootsong™ system by codifying a recipe whose ingredients include: postural adjustments to release the resonance potential of the whole body, breathwork informed by the practice of Hatha yoga, and 20 years of teaching improvisation. What a privilege to work with you as you bring your voice and power to this creative and restorative practice.


Rootsong Yoga

Rooted in the transformative culture of Hatha Yoga and in my own ancestral traditions, I bring a holistic sensibility to support your unique yoga journey.  My teaching emphasizes whole-body breath awareness at all times.

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Rootsong Yoga for the Voice

Rootsong vocal yoga is a unique approach to Vocal Attunement.
Access your Root Sound. Water the Roots of Your Being. This practice blends vocal somatics, yogic breathing, full-body resonance training, and movement! 


Rootsong Retreats

Rootsong Retreats offer the chance to unwind in sanctuaries near and far with new friends, old souls, and infinite transformation in practice. Join us on an upcoming journey!